oil paintings wholesale

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

We’ve worked with many different individuals and companies around the world to create masterpieces for a variety of uses.
These include:
1 Wholesalers and Destributors

We’ve worked with many distributors around the world who purchase a variety of styles of art. We can provide the masterpieces you’re looking for in bulk and at very competitive prices. Please contact us by sale@oponly.com , +086-592-5180216 , www.sunstong.com www.oponly.com for more detail.

2  Retailers

We’ve worked with many art retailers to produce and sell paintings for their stores. This gives us an opportunity to show off our work in person – where it’s always more effective. And it gives you a consistent source of affordable, exceptional art.

3 Framers

How would you like a consistent flow of work? We’re always looking for new framing partners for our U.S. business. Instead of shipping a painting directly to a customer, we could send the canvas to you. Then you’d stretch and frame the art and the customer can pick it up from your location.

4 Interrior Designers

Nothing adds more to an interior space than a dramatic piece of art. Our artists can reproduce priceless masterpieces for you and your customers. Imagine being able to give all of your customers one-of-a-kind original oil paintings without sacrificing their budgets. Let us help improve your spaces.


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